January 16, 2024

New Website, New Logo, Same Great People!

ICC has a new website, new logo but we remain the same green coffee company you know and trust

Dear valued customers, suppliers, and coffee professionals,

After months of hard work and many long meetings, International Coffee Corporation is proud to unveil our new logo, brand identity and website. After 47 years of showing our commitment to the coffee world, we believe it's time for our visual identity to reflect the passion and excellence that define us. The rebranding is not just about changing our logo and color scheme; it's a celebration of our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation. Even though some things may have changed, we are still proudly family owned and operated with the same team that you know, respect and trust to help with your coffee business.

What's new:

  1. Modern Logo: Our new logo is a slight upgrade to our classic logo from 1977. It captures the essence of our global presence and the diversity of the coffee world.
  2. Bold Colors: The vibrant color palette represents our devotion to modernization and our desire to be a leader in the coffee world. We went with a classic but bold scheme as ICC is known for the reliability and professionalism in the coffee industry.
  3. Enhanced Website: Explore our revamped website with improved navigation, layout, customer education and updated offer sheets. It's a big change from our old 1990's era website, but it's a needed change.
  4. Sustainability and Social Responsibility: International Coffee Corporation commits to sustainability and a strong social responsibility program. Our beliefs and promises are well documented on our new website.

Why the change?

International Coffee Corporation has remained a stoic member of the global coffee industry for over 45 years. Even though we have remained steady in our beliefs, business practices and image, we felt that it was time for a modern touch up for our classic look.

Have thoughts or queries after reading?

Reach out directly to our dedicated team at trading@iccnola.com.

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