December 1, 2023

Grievance Mechanism

Ensuring Transparency at ICC

Grievance Mechanism

While ICC stands firmly by our commitment to uphold the highest standards in all our operations and interactions, we recognize the importance of having a robust grievance mechanism in place. This ensures that all stakeholders have a channel to voice any concerns and ensures transparency, trust, and continuous improvement within our community and industry.

If you believe there's been an oversight, misrepresentation, or any form of non-compliance concerning ICC's standards or procedures, we encourage you to come forward. Every report is taken seriously, and we appreciate the vigilance of our community in maintaining the integrity of ICC and its certification programs.

For any grievances or concerns, please reach out directly to us via email ( or through the contact form below.

Do provide as much detail as possible so we can efficiently address the matter. Your confidentiality will be maintained, and your contribution to upholding the values and principles we stand for is deeply valued. Together, we aim to ensure that the world of coffee remains fair, ethical, and transparent.

The grievance procedure is open to anyone who has a grievance against ICC or supply chain actor, a certification body (CB), or ICC itself, regarding the standards setting procedures or operations of the certification program. The grievance must be about compliance with ICC standards, rules, policies, and procedures directly related to the certification programs. A grievance can include reporting potential as well as actual instances of corruption and misrepresentation of the ICC certification programs and its trademarks, for example, reporting misuse of labels and claims. The grievance cannot be about contractual obligations between certificate holders and/or CBs that go beyond policies and procedures of ICC. Also, no claims for direct financial compensation from ICC are accepted.

ICC Code of Conduct Documentation

For a more detailed insight into our policies and practices, please find links to the specific documents below:

  1. Code of Conduct: Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Commitment to Respect Human Rights and the Environment
  3. Commitment to Zero Deforestation
  4. Conditions of Employment
  5. Gender Equality Policy
  6. Gender Equality Statement
  7. Grievance Policy
  8. ICC Supplier Standard

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